Richmond is a rural town in Washington County, Rhode Island with over 7,600 residents. Incorporated as its own town in 1747, Richmond is 60% uninhabited woodlands and known for its rich history in the textile industry.

In the early days, the residents of Richmond made a living through farming and eventually from textile mills in the 19th century. With several villages in town, Richmond had many mills that produced not only textiles but iron, leather, boots and shoes and items for the home. The mills in the villages of Kenyon and Alton still exist today.

In 2013, Richmond was voted by a GoLocalProv poll as the 8th best community in Rhode Island. The Washington County Fair was also voted on the website as the most popular attraction in the town. The Fair is the largest agricultural event in the state and has been going on every August since 1970. The Fair is five days long and has a host of old­style entertainments that residents and visitors can enjoy.

Residents of Richmond enjoy the peace and quiet but also the easy access to highways. Many homes in Richmond are in wooded areas or have many acres of land. Real estate in Richmond is diverse from farmhouses to luxurious single­family Colonials. Although single­family homes are the most popular, there are multi­family homes for sale as well as condominiums and townhouses.

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